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Monday, March 11, 2013

October 2011

8 Oct   : our 4th dating…meet at KL Sentral, then head to KLCC, then to KL Sentral back 4 lunch at Burger King. Finally, we shared drinks from the same straw…(^_^)
This time its all on me…(all his money went 4 samsung galaxy S2 already =P) 
its really the best moment…(“,)

10 Oct  : he sms me something that really hurt. I off my hp all day from morning to night. Just turn on to sms him,

“your words hurt me a lot. Really disappointed. Do whatever u want, u are free now.”

that night, I called him. He kept asking me to forgive him…at last, I just said, 

“ I want to stop. Live with your works, your friends, anything. It has nothing to do with me anymore." 

I off my hp……………

few min later, I on it back. He sent me his mms… I just can’t leave him…b4 sleep, he keep asking me to not going anywhere, and never leave him. He needs me. I wish I could say, 

“I’ll never leave u coz I need u more”.

ini sahaja yang termampu aku ceritakan. maaf ya sayang, saya tahu awak ikut perkembangan blog kita. saya tak punya masa terluang seperti orang lain, dan awak tahu kenapa kan...