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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

December 2011

3  Dec : Went to meet his family…they all accepted me the way I am…

10 Dec : Our 5th date…! From dawn to dark…! (^_^) 
breakfast at mcD
walking around the pond
went to Summit USJ
watching movie, “ombak rindu
tea time
heading to bus station
dinner at stall 
time to apart…I cried badly…=‘(

12 Dec : argue about he’s going to work abroad, I can’t accept it…='(

13 Dec : he still trying to convince me that he won’t forget me

14 Dec : he told me that his heart won’t leave me…

15 Dec : I accused he’s not loyal just want to make him get angry and leave me…I failed…no matter how hard I tried, he just won’t leave me…his love for me is strong enough to make him stay beside me…

25 Dec : once again, I asked for break up if he still want to go to work abroad. he asked me to understand that its all for our future together. I give up…just let him made the decision, I’ll accept anything. he said he will always love me no matter what happen…




  1. Replies
    1. tak boleh la awak, saya belum habis belajar lagi..=)

    2. yang menjauhkan dan mendekatkan bukan jarak, tapi doa.
      berdoa lah sepenuh cinta.

    3. ya, saya pun percaya akan doa. Allah yang akan terus mendekatkan kami..=)